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About us

MetaGedu are an established provider of apprenticeships and training. Working in partnership with several of the UK’s leading employers, we deliver a range of apprenticeships in a wide range of industries and sectors.

We offer excellent apprenticeship opportunities at leading employers. Our apprentices benefit from MetaGedu development coaches, support and career guidance while working towards respected, sector-relevant qualifications.

We take an inclusive approach to recruitment, with an aim to widening access to top quality apprenticeships among groups and communities traditionally under-represented in those sectors.

We are an approved independent apprenticeship training provider on the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers governed by Ofsted.

Apprenticeships with MetaGedu

Whether you are taking an apprenticeship with MetaGedu or following one of our full time degree courses, you will always have access to the same high quality teaching and support.


We have a range of delivery models; on-demand, live-online and face-to-face. Delivery can take place at employers premises, where face-to-face is selected – or can be run from our campuses in some of the UK’s biggest and most exciting cities.


All of our campuses are equipped with state-of-the-art teaching facilities, plus dedicated spaces for study and socialising

Our campuses


Our history

MetaGedu Apprenticeships is part of the GEDU group of education companies. GEDU began in 2010 with GBS set up as a specialist training centre for finance and investment banking, GBS originally offered courses to students from around the world. Over the last 11 years, we’ve evolved and grown so we can offer more qualifications to even more students.


In 2016, we opened our first campus, in London’s iconic East End and that’s what shaped the institution we are today. As one of the city’s most economically deprived areas, we quickly realised we could improve communities by reaching those from backgrounds where traditional university wasn’t an option.


Fast-forward to 2021 and we have campuses in Malta and Dubai, as well as our campuses in key UK cities. And we offer a range of exciting programmes including apprenticeships and vocational courses plus traditional degree and masters programmes. With 14,000 people learning, growing and developing with us, the GEDU journey has only just begun. 

Vision and values 

At GEDU, our learners are at the heart of everything we do because we know learning is transformational. Our job is to create access to learning for everyone, regardless of background or circumstances, because this is how we change lives.


An apprenticeship with us is about so much more than gaining a qualification. We care about personal growth and we’re here to make a significant contribution to our communities through better opportunities and employment prospects for all who join the GBS family.


Changing one life at a time through transformational learning and development can and will inspire others to want a better future for themselves. As new businesses are started and promotions are earned, confidence grows turning goals into reality. Every member of our community, one by one, is contributing to the change the world needs to see. And that’s why we do what we do.

Our Leadership team

Executive Leadership

Our Executive Leadership Team is made up of our Chairman and Founder, Chief Executive and Executive Board members. The Team is responsible for day-to-day performance, risk management, strategic decision-making and planning. They ensure that GBS evolves with the education sector.

Advisory Board 

Our Advisory Board is comprised of accomplished experts with a broad collective experience. They advise our Leadership Team and offer dynamic perspectives on the strategic direction and governance of GBS.

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