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Why an apprenticeship?

There’s a reason why so many of the UK’s biggest and best companies offer apprenticeships. There’s no better way to attract motivated, engaged, diverse people at all stages of their career journeys.


Our programmes give your apprentices all they need to have a positive impact on your team and business. They learn new skills relevant to your business with training that is matched to your exact needs.


The talent you need

MetaGedu Apprenticeships develop people with the skills needed in tomorrow’s business environment. Not only do apprentices grow their industry-specific knowledge, but they also build their business, leadership and networking skills. Their tech know-how is on point, as is their awareness of the connectivity needed for 21st century success.


Our Apprentices recognise the opportunity that the programme offers. They bring motivation and commitment – combined with a desire to learn and a drive to succeed.


Apprentices develop into lifelong learners – people for whom learning and developing in the workplace is a natural part of their daily routine. They seek out opportunities for self-improvement and become motivated, focused, loyal employees.

The diversity your business is looking for

Throw away the cookie-cutter. Reach out to diverse candidates with a variety of backgrounds and experiences.


MetaGedu Apprentices come from all walks of life. Our global GEDU community of learners is vibrant and diverse, with a high percentage coming from communities that are traditionally overlooked or underserved by education and training providers.


Employees from these different backgrounds enrich the work environment. Having a range of experiences, perspectives and points of view make for a dynamic and vibrant workplace – where innovation, originality and creativity are the norm. 


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