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Award in Introduction to First Aid for Mental Health

Level 2

The objective of this course is to understand the principles of first aid for mental health. The role of a first aider for mental health is to provide basic mental health support to someone in need, usually in the workplace.

First Aid for Mental Health

Course Overview​

Topics Covered

  1. Recognising mental ill health in self and others.
  2. Supporting mental wellbeing in the workplace.
  3. Understanding how to promote a wellness culture in the workplace.
  4. The importance of resilience and self-care for first aiders for mental health.


  1. Face to face at customer premises or one of MetaGedu’s eight delivery campuses nationwide.
  2. Programme requirements: A minimum of level 1 or equivalent in English.


Level 2 Award in Introduction to First Aid for Mental Health


Two-day workshop

Start Dates

Programmes are delivered on demand starting at many points through the year


Multiple choice examination


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