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Inspiring Aspirations

MetaGedu HR Apprentices Share an Afternoon with Alisha Parchment (Assoc CIPD) HR Business Partner and Educational You Tuber

Last week MetaGedu HR apprentices had an invaluable opportunity to receive insights, advice, and personal anecdotes from an experienced HR professional who has not only carved her niche in the industry but also passionately shares her journey on her popular YouTube channel, HR Talks with Lish. Today, we delve into Alisha’s inspiring story, as she embarks on a mission to empower and support HR apprentices in their career journeys.

The YouTube Chronicles: Unveiling a Career Journey

Alisha started her YouTube channel as a platform to document her HR career journey. From the triumphs to the challenge , Alisha candidly shares her experiences, lessons learned, and the evolving landscape of the HR industry. Her channel serves as a beacon for those navigating the intricate world of Human Resources, offering a unique blend of professional advice and relatable storytelling.

Connecting with HR Learners: A Personal Mission

The first annual Recognising the power of community and the impact of shared experiences, Alisha decided to take her mission a step further offering to connect with aspiring HR professionals to support them in their first steps on their career journey. Our dedicated HR Apprenticeship Development Coach Neil Smith (MCMI – Assoc CIPD) reached out to see if Alisha would be able to attend one of our HR apprenticeship workshops. Using her volunteering days to arrange a special session for MetaGedu’s HR apprentices at our new Norfolk House Campus in Birmingham. Providing insights and sharing strategies for overcoming the hurdles that often accompany the early stages of an HR career and inviting apprentices to participate in an engaging discussion about their career journeys.

MetaGedu Apprentice of the year awards were a huge success. We received over 140 nominations from our employers across all industries who all believed their apprentices deserved celebrating.

The Power of Personal Narratives

During the session, Alisha opened up about her own career challenges, victories, and the pivotal moments that shaped her into the HR professional she is today. By weaving personal narratives into the discussion, she not only humanised the journey but also demonstrated that setbacks are not roadblocks but rather stepping stones towards growth and development.

A Tapestry of Success Unveiled

Alisha’s YouTube channel ‘HR Talks with Lish’ showcases the power of sharing experiences and supporting others in their career endeavours. By extending her insights to MetaGedu’s HR apprentices Alisha is not only contributing to the growth of individual careers but also weaving a tapestry of success within the HR community. As apprentices absorb the wisdom, advice, and encouragement, they are better equipped to navigate their own unique paths, inspired and empowered by the shared narratives of an industry trailblazer


Interactive 1:1 Career Support Sessions

Understanding the importance of personalised guidance, Alisha also offered one-on-one career support sessions for MetaGedu’s apprentices. This allowed apprentices to delve deeper into their aspirations,  challenges, and goals, so she could offer specific advice and actionable strategies to enhance their career trajectories. The personalised touch created a safe space for apprentices to express concerns and seek guidance tailored to their unique situations.

Building a Community

Through her YouTube channel, group discussions, and one-onone sessions, Alisha aims to cultivate a supportive HR

community. Emphasing the power of networking, mentorship, and continuous learning in navigating the multifaceted HR landscape. MetaGedu shares this passion, constantly looking for opportunities to foster connections among our apprentices, encouraging collaboration and building a community where everyone can thrive and support each other’s professional growth


Feedback from the Day

All the MetaGedu apprentices valued the experience here is some of the feedback from the day.

“For me, the most useful takeaway was the advice given on goal setting, how to go about setting them and the steps to take to achieve them, also the importance of taking learning and knowledge development into your own hands”

“I was able to speak to her after the presentation, I asked a few questions she gave me some really helpful tips; she recommended some books and I asked her to send me the slides.”