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NAW Edition

National Apprenticeship week highlights!

National Apprenticeship Week was 5th – 11th February 2024. We had an amazing week celebrating both apprentices success and MetaGedu’s growth over the past year

New Offices Opening

On Wednesday 7th we welcomed The Lord Mayor of Birmingham, Counsellor Chaman Lal to open our new offices in Norfolk House, Birmingham. Providing office, classroom and meeting space we are very proud of our new facilities for both staff and students.

Apprenticeship Awards

The first annual MetaGedu Apprentice of the year awards were a huge success. We received over 140 nominations from our employers across all industries who all believed their apprentices deserved celebrating.

Celebrating Success

Celebrating success in apprenticeships is not just about acknowledging the completion of a programme, it’s a recognition of dedication, perseverance, and skill development. It marks a significant milestone in the journey of both the apprentice and the

mentor. Whether it’s completing a challenging project, mastering a new skill, or obtaining a certification, these achievements deserve to be celebrated. From simple acknowledgments to formal ceremonies, celebrating success in apprenticeships strengthens bonds within the apprenticeship community and inspires others to strive for excellence. 

It was incredibly difficult to select just 2 winners from over 140 outstanding nominations. We congratulate all our apprentices who were nominated, shortlisted and our winners!

Our Winners

Apprentice of the year – Winner

Ethan Nelson Roberts

Ethan has gone on a tremendous journey with wonderful support from his ADC, Collette. He is very near his EPA and feedback from his Manager and Mentor is outstanding. 


ADC Choice – Winner

Chantelle Reid

From the first day of her apprenticeship, Chantelle has been striving to develop herself. Her apprenticeship work is always to the highest standard and feedback from her manager and mentors consistently talks about how she has grown in confidence and is an asset to the team. She showcases a true apprenticeship journey in personal and professional development.

Metagedu Apprenticeships Recruitment Services

MetaGedu Apprenticeships offers a complimentary apprenticeship recruitment service, allowing you to concentrate on your core strengths while we locate candidates possessing the qualities, skills, and drive to build a productive workforce.

Whether you’re in need of apprentice recruitment, MetaGedu Apprenticeships is dedicated to sourcing the ideal candidates tailored to your business needs.

Our recent survey indicated that 93% of apprentices we recruited were rated good or outstanding by apprentice mentors and line managers